Custom-made Bluetooth Beacon Manufacturer from Alibaba

Custom-made Bluetooth Beacon Manufacturer from Alibaba

Zhejiang Dusun Electron Limited

We manufacture intelligent control terminals, WI-FI modules along with IoT products
Turn-key solutions supplied | ISO9001:2000 accredited

Storing Over 14 Years of Expertise
Zhejiang Dusun Electron Co. Ltd. began in 2002. Our company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, with registered capital of $5.1 million and annual product sales of $27.7 million. We’re a solution supplier and maker of smart control terminals, cellular modules (such as Bluetooth, tailor-made iBeacon, Wi-Fi and ZigBee), and also IoT products.

A Wide Array Of Smart Wireless Products Available
We have been a high-technology business venture that brings a turnkey solution for intelligent wireless products. Our leading product lines involve wireless intelligent control terminals (smart remote controls and cellular modules), intelligent motors (tubular motor electronic stroke controllers) and IoT products (smart home alarms, gateways, health care machines, custom smart beacon and also blood pressure level sensors).

Make The Most Of The Ideal Position
Our headquarter and our manufacturing plant are in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, and our R&D center is in Wantong Center, Hangzhou. We’re first created in the year 2002 in Hangzhou, and then purchased 30 acres of property self-built plant in Deqing, Huzhou in the year 2007. We now have an 18,000 square meter plant area and intend to increase another 10,000 square meters. We are situated in the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, simply 30-minute’s driving from Hangzhou and two hours from Shanghai.

Our Hangzhou R&D facility is very effective at providing overall solutions, from the underlying hardware, embedded software and application integration. We have developed a close collaboration with most of chip (sensor) companies, schools and business users, forming a mutually beneficial ecosystem from product to buyer.

Defect-free Producing
We operate a nearly zero defect plant under ISO9001:2000 quality managing system. We manufacture upwards of 20,000 standard products each day. Get in Touch with us today to see how we’ll give you support or explore our most up to date solutions on our Web site.

Make Contact with Us

Addr.: # 640 Fengqing Street, Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Zipcode: 313200
Telphone: +86-572-8823300
Fax: +86-572-8823330
Web page:


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