Smart Home Maker Positioned in PRC

Smart Home Maker Positioned in PRC

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Limited

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Limited. is the international leading supplier for IOT(Internet of Things) devices and solutions. Influenced by the demands from our buyers, we carry on and innovate and guide the industry of IOT sensor, controller, mobile IOT as well as cloud computing. According to the broad advantages in the areas of sensor and controller, wulian has been a front runner in the IOT times.

At this time, our products and technologies are broadly used in many primary projects world-wide. In addition we evolved into the well known technological supporter for making Smart City in many locations throughout the globe. We want to make people experiencing the real life by different kinds of detectors, to help people acquire info more freely, more promptly, and also much more equally, to wipe out the incorrect factors of information. To help limit the effect of climate change and disasters, we researched the eco-friendly low-carbon solutions, to help the clients to form a natural lifestyle.

Our Products

OEM Wifi Electrical Outlet from Chinese Maker, Smart Switch, Smart Home Gateway, Smart Locks, Smart Detectors, and so on

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Headquater Address: NO.12, Mozhou East Road, Nanjing, PRC
Web site:
Mailbox: [email protected]
Telephone Number: 400-889-2891/ +86-25-52262193


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