Install LUBUNTU OS on Orange Pi Zero | Orange Pi #1

What’s Orange Pi Zero?
It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian. It uses the AllWinner H2 SoC, and has 256MB/512MB DDR3 SDRAM(256MB version is Standard version

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The Orange Pi Zero single-board computer ships for $6.99

The development board comes with a quad-core ARM SOC as well as Wi-Fi.

Board Components
Orange Pi Zero Specs

Priced at $6.99, a new Raspberry Pi competitor known as Orange Pi Zero costs less than some sandwiches in NYC.

The Orange Pi Zero enables you to make electronic products or bots, or it can be utilized as a file or media server. Such development boards may also be utilized to create and examine industrial devices.

The computer is a competitor to the minuscule Raspberry Pi Zero, a stripped down version of Raspberry Pi that costs $5. But Orange Pi Zero has better hardware with a faster SOC and Wi-Fi features.

Never expect the tiny Orange Pi Zero to present prosperous performance or be a traditional Desktop alternative. For anybody who is browsing for a solid board computer, look at the $35 Raspberry Pi 3 or $15 Pine64 board.

The Orange Pi Zero has a quad-core Allwinner ARM Cortex-A7 SOC, which in recent times has been used to power low-end and additionally mid-range tablets and smartphones.

You’ll find it works with ARM’s Mali 400 MP2 GPU, that is perfect for coping with hi-def video media. Shenzhen Xunlong, the maker of the board, promises it can actually cope with H.265 4K video clip, but the board is not made for that. The Orange Pi Zero also does not have a display out port.

The Zero incorporates an SD card slot and 256Megabyte of built-in storage. The other variant with 512Megabyte of memory ships for $8.99.

Besides that, the Zero offers 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi as well as ethernet networking abilities. Additionally it has extension slots and pins to add in other boards and a USB 2.0 host port.

For anybody who is wanting to utilize the board to educate yourself about coding or experiment with applications, software is probably a concern. It holds up Android operating system, but only version 4.4. It also advocates for Debian plus Ubuntu.

The board can be acquired on Alibaba’s retail site for $10.30, including shipping and handling.

Tech hobbyists are looking at a number of cheap boards with x86 and ARM processors. The price tags of processors, memory, and parts are dropping, bringing about affordable board alternatives. Allwinner’s CPUs, particularly, are some of the cheapest to choose from.


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