Посылки из Китая для майнинга и не только. Orange PI esp8266

Штуки из видео:
– Orange PI Zero 512mb
– Wi-Fi модули на базе esp8266
– синхронизатор бп
– переходник HDMI – VGA
– преобразователь напряжения на 3.3В
– макетная плата (bread board)

Скидка в магазине computeruniverse – FWSYEUK

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Easybit – https://easybit.pro/?Partners=15653
Kassa – http://kassa.cc/?ref_hash=2dd963bd2ec7172359ca1cd36a5fa54b


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The Orange Pi Zero SBC ships for $6.99

The developer board carries a 4-core ARM central processor and Wi-Fi.

Board Components
Orange Pi Zero Specifications

At $6.99, a new Raspberry Pi competitor named Orange Pi Zero is less expensive than certain sandwiches in New York City.

The Orange Pi Zero is often used to make electronic devices or bots, or it can be harnessed for a file or media server. Those developer boards can be utilized to set up and test industrial products.

The desktop computer is a competitor to the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero, a stripped down copy of Raspberry Pi that will cost you $5. But Orange Pi Zero has far better hardware with a swifter central processor and Wi-Fi functionality.

Do not ever expect the tiny Orange Pi Zero to bring blossoming performance or be a full-fledged Desktop alternative. If you are on the lookout for a potent board desktop computer, give consideration to the $35 Raspberry Pi 3 or $15 Pine64 board.

The Orange Pi Zero has a 4-core Allwinner ARM Cortex-A7 central processor, which these days has been utilized to power low-end and additionally mid-range tablets and phones.

Further, it utilizes ARM’s Mali 400 MP2 graphics processing unit, that’s able of dealing with high-definition movie. Shenzhen Xunlong, the manufacturer of the board, claims it can address H.265 4K video media, but the board isn’t really produced for that. The Orange Pi Zero also lacks a display output port.

The Zero features an Sdcard slot and 256Megabyte of on-board RAM. Yet another version with 512Megabyte of memory ships for $8.99.

Likewise, the Zero comes with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and ethernet networking capacities. What’s more, it has extension slots and pins to attach other boards and a USB 2.0 host port.

For anyone who is attempting to employ the board to master programming or test out software programs, software may be a concern. It holds up Android operating system, however only version 4.4. Also, it can handle Debian and also Ubuntu.

The board is offered on Alibaba’s retail site for $10.30, which includes shipping.

Tech buffs are looking towards lots of low-cost boards with x86 and ARM processors. The price tags of processors, RAM, and parts are falling, resulting in economical board selections. Allwinner’s CPUs, particularly, are some of the most competitive readily available.

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