iPhone WiFi Repair: Oven Fix (Reflowing the PCB) – also works on iPod Touch

How to repair iPhone WiFi in the Oven (or, How to Reflow the PCB).

I fixed my iPhone wifi problem by following these steps: http://www.iphonetiquicia.com/iphone-wifi-oven-trick/

The oven trick fixed my iPhone by reflowing the solder joints in my motherboard. *BUT* I was very careful and I did thorough trouble shooting first. I also have experience breaking down iPhones. Other guys with the same experience have tried this and it didn’t work for them. So be cautious, read everything, comment, then once you’re sure you can try the fix. I have recorded both successful and unsuccessful repairs at the bottom of this video text.

iPhone PCB Cooking Directions:
1) Preheat oven to 385F (196C)
2) Bake PCB (motherboard) for 7 minutes
3) Cool on the rack for 1 hour.

But before you try this fix confirm you actually have a hardware problem by starting with the Apple Trouble Shooting Guides http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1559 , and http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1398?viewlocale=en_US

If after reading those guides Apple tells you to view their Service FAQ it means your prospects of a software fix have become very slim; most likely you are dealing with a hardware problem.

In my case my wifi was very intermittent. My iPhone would find the network then immediately drop it. I would enter the correct password for the network and my iPhone would keep asking me to re-enter. I followed the Apple Trouble Shooting guides and everything was pointing me toward taking my out-of-warranty iPhone 3G to the Apple Retail Store for service.

After performing the fix in this video my wifi became rock solid and even ran cooler. No doubt it runs cooler now because the fissures in the lead-free solder were fused and decreased the current resistance in my motherboard.

Repairing Printed Circuit Board through heat application is nothing new. Some techs fix boards with heat guns and some with reflow ovens. In fact, all printed circuit boards are passed through a reflow oven as part of their manufacturing process. Even here on YouTube you’ll find videos demonstrating how to repair X-box PCBs either in the oven or with a heat gun.

The reason why the PCBs fail is due to a combination of manufacturing and material. Specifically, lead-free solder. The solder on the PCBs that use lead-free solder accumulate micro-fissures that degrade and eventually end the life of the board. For more information about the limited life of PCBs and lead-free solder please visit http://www.metallurgy.nist.gov/solder/clech/Introduction.htm

For detailed tutorials on how to disassemble your iPhone please view the following videos http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=disassemble+iphone&aq=f

To assemble your iPhone just reverse the process and remember to be very careful replacing the connectors.

For more information on reflow ovens and their usage in printed circuit board manufacturing please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflow_soldering

If you would like to ask others who have performed this fix you can go to the Apple Support forums at the following links

Successful Repairs:
KoobcamUser fixed his wifi!

ttbbsolid fixed his wifi!

paraglider fixed his and gave a detailed report. Thanks, paraglider

Scott, reflowed 4 times! Killed then restored his PCB

Sisarek repaired his at 200C for 8 miuntes

Sparkie21 – used a very precise thermometer, check this out

And, of course, the brave soul I know of who first gave this a shot after reading the tutorial on iPhoneTiquica, Aoon Mohammed

Failed Repairs:
The fix did NOT work for ndj noumea. But his PCB still worked when he assembled the phone again.

Alejandro said he followed the directions exactly but the oven damaged his motherboard

And there are two YouTube members who damaged their motherboards attempting the repair using the oven.
srbinbwe & Nianaconda.

Be certain you want to attempt this before you try it. It has the potential to damage your PCB.

Oh, one final note. I know people are trying the “freezer trick” (“wifi chill fix”, “ice trick”, “fridge fix”, etc.) to repair their wifi. I tried it too. Just be careful about putting a hot iPhone into the freezer. The rapid temperature change can exacerbate the fissures in the solder joints. Good luck!


Tricks to Choose PCB Repair Service Agency


Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been in existence for a long time. With their pads and conductive tracks, they support many different electronic components. Currently, they are becoming a trendy option for almost every electronic equipment manufacturer. Whenever your PCB board becomes broken, you can easily look for aid of a great PCB repair service supplier in your state. This informative article guides you through tips on how to determine reputable services in the area.

The Vital Considerations When Opting For PCB Repair Services

If you are trying to find a excellent PCB repair service agency in your town, there are several aspects to be thought about.

Have a look at Name:

Engines like google will bring results of PCB repair services in a specific location. This should help you know exactly where they are located and the kinds of services available from them. As to services, it is wise to make sure a repair service provides in-depth breakdown testing, component-level trouble-shooting and diagnostics, and per-component replacements. It’s possible to seek advice from review internet websites and forums that will give a good idea regarding the reliability of such services. And also, case studies and white papers on the website help out with comprehending working proficiencies of manufacturers.

Qualifications and Criteria

Electronic services are guarded by industry-specific certificates. Such as, IPC-7711 / 7721 standard is one particular qualification associated with rework and electronics repair. All these accreditations and criteria are a warranty that the chosen repair service provider have the working experience required to do these types of services.

Supply Chain Relationships

You have to find out if the service vendor applies reliable components or sustain strong supply chain partnerships to source them from a trusty source. It is prudent to keep clear of repair services which cannot make sure quality replacements.


For people with a PCB which is not functioning in order, you can decide upon a excellent PCB repair service supplier by using the above-mentioned approaches and get it fixed with no trouble.

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