Blown 1mm Track Repair on a PCB

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This is a repair on a 1mm copper tack on a PCB, We repaired this by tacking a 1.5mm solid copper wire between the the brake in the the track this is all done under a magnifying glass (see photo at the end) with a 1mm tip on the soldering iron.

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Strategies to Determine PCB Repair Service Agency


Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been popular for many years. With their pads and conductive traces, they support many types of electronic components. At the moment, they turned out to be a preferred selection for just about each electronic devices fabricator. In case your PCB board is damaged, you could seek aid of an excellent PCB repair service supplier in your state. This page takes you through ways to settle on recommendable services within driving distance.

Things to consider When Selecting PCB Repair Services

While you’re hunting for a ideal PCB repair service source in your town, there are some things to be seriously considered.

Examine Name:

Engines like google brings results of PCB repair services in a certain area. This will help you learn in which they are positioned and the sorts of services available from them. Regarding services, it is advisable to ensure that a repair service provides complete failure testing, component-level problem solving and diagnostics, and per-component renewal. It is possible to seek advice from review websites and online forums that will give a good idea concerning the trustworthiness of such services. Likewise, case studies and white papers on the webpage help with understanding working proficiencies of makers.

Accreditations and Standards

Electronic services are protected by industry-specific accreditations. For example, IPC-7711 / 7721 standard is one such qualification to do with rework and electronics repair. Such accreditations and standards are an assurance that the picked repair service supplier have the expertise necessary to conduct these types of services.

Supply Chain Associations

You need to verify that the service agency makes use of reliable components or sustain intense supply chain partnerships to source them from a reliable supplier. It’s wise to refrain from repair services which are not able to confirm quality replacements.


For people with a PCB that is not working correctly, you’re able to find a authentic PCB repair service agency through using the aforementioned steps and get it fixed comfortably.

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