Milling a PCB on the Othermill

This video demonstrates milling an FR-1 PCB blank on the Othermill desktop CNC mill.
Milling PCBs in-house is considerably faster for prototyping than sending them to a PCB manufacturer, allowing for multiple design revisions in a single day.


Co-founder of Makerbot, Bre Pettis acquires milling machine company Other Machine

Ex-CEO and co-founder of 3D printing company Makerbot, Bre Pettis has bought a non 3D printing associated business – the CNC milling system firm Other Machine.

Californian firm, Other Machine operates from Berkeley and is the inventor of the Othermill Pro desktop milling system. Bre Pettis currently acts as CEO and founder of Bre & Co, founded in 2016, the firm creates customized 3D printed gifts and heirlooms.

Othermill Pro

Other Machine marketed its Othermill product line on Kickstarter with the original machine raising above $311,000 back in 2013. The latest system, the Othermill Pro, now retails for $3,199.

Using its 3-axis toolhead, the machine has the potential to mill PWBs and carve 3D shapes. The most important selling point of the equipment is being able to be incorporated in an office setup. The Othermill Pro is sufficiently small enough to fit on a desktop, noiseless enough to feature in a communal working place and can facilitate production processes by creating in-house in lieu of contracting out.

Besides hardware machines, the Berkeley company in addition has developed its very own Otherplan software for the CNC machines. Bre Pettis says he is “thrilled” to invest in Other Machine as,

The Othermill Pro is surely an great milling machine that is so accurate that electrical engineers can easily mill PWBs with 6 mil traces and develop PWBs faster than a PWB service. I’m enthusiastic to be back in the arena helping innovators.

PWBs and electronics

CEO of Other Machine, Dr. Danielle Applestone points out, “I wait for building on our commitment of accessible prototyping machines for expert engineers and empowering numerous of students using the Othermill Pro to learn and make their ideas a fact.”

Applestone likewise suggested she is going to carry on in her position as CEO and is “delighted to get Bre’s help.”

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