Como instalar ANDROID na Raspberry Pi , Banana Pi ou Orange Pi (TODAS AS VERSÕES) TUTORIAL COMPLETO

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Tutorial completo sobre como instalar o ANDROID (qualquer versão) nas placas Raspberry Pi (1, 2 e 3), Banana Pi (qualquer modelo) e Orange Pi (Qualquer modelo).

● Os métodos podem variar conforme a versão da placa. Por exemplo: em alguns casos, imagens ANDROID da Banana Pi e/ou Orange Pi podem ser gravadas no cartão Micro SD utilizado o método do Win32 Disk Imager. Já em outras situações, será necessário o PhoenixCard.

● As imagens de ANDROID devem ser baixadas nos sites oficiais da respectiva placa.

● Vale ressaltar que cada placa tem a sua PRÓPRIA imagem ANDROID, ou seja, a imagem da placa Banana Pi NÃO vai funcionar na Raspberry Pi.

● Oficialmente, a placa Raspberry Pi não tem uma imagem ANDROID, porém, é facilmente encontrada no fórum oficial da Raspberry Pi e também em busca rápida na internet.

Site oficial da Raspberry Pi

Site Oficial da Banana Pi

Site oficial da Orange Pi

● Como instalar o Google Play (se necessário) – Instruções apenas em inglês:

● SD Formatter
● Win32 Disk Imager
● PhoenixCard

● Raspberry Pi 3 – Como instalar RetroPie e adicionar ROMs

Orange Pi PC – Como instalar RetroPie + Testes de emuladores


The Orange Pi Zero SBC ships for $6.99

The developer board consists of a quad-core ARM central processor and also Wi-Fi.

Board Components
Orange Pi Zero Specs

At $6.99, a emerging Raspberry Pi opponent known as Orange Pi Zero costs less than a few sandwiches in NYC.

The Orange Pi Zero could be used to make gadgets or bots, or it can be used as a file / media server. These developer boards may also be employed to build and test out industrial devices.

The PC is a opponent to the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero, a simple variant of Raspberry Pi that costs $5. But Orange Pi Zero has more competitive hardware with a greater central processor and Wi-Fi features.

Don’t expect the tiny Orange Pi Zero to provide blossoming performance or be a traditional Computer alternative. In the event you’re browsing for a robust single board PC, think of the $35 Raspberry Pi 3 or $15 Pine64 board.

The Orange Pi Zero has a quad-core Allwinner ARM Cortex-A7 central processor, which in recent times has been utilized to power low-end and mid-range smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, it takes advantage of ARM’s Mali 400 MP2 graphics, that’s competent at dealing with high-definition video clip. Shenzhen Xunlong, the creator of the board, claims it does deal with H.265 4K video clip, but the board isn’t really created for that. The Orange Pi Zero also doesn’t have a display out port.

The Zero has an Sdcard slot and 256Megabyte of on-board RAM. An additional variant with 512Megabyte of RAM ships for $8.99.

Additionally, the Zero comprises of 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and also ethernet networking capabilities. In addition it has expansion slots and pins to connect other boards and a USB 2.0 host port.

If you are aiming to take advantage of the board to educate yourself developer work or experiment with apps, software might be a problem. It can support Android operating system, however only version 4.4. It also works with Debian and also Ubuntu.

The board is available on Alibaba’s retail site for $10.30, incorporating handling and shipping.

Tech hobbyists are looking towards a number of low-priced boards with x86 and ARM processors. The costs of processors, memory, and parts are dropping, resulting to affordable board alternatives. Allwinner’s CPUs, specifically, are one of the most cost effective to choose from.

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Orange Pi NAS -Orange Pi Zero Small Sized Computer Add-on Board Comes out For $7

Orange Pi NAS Specs

Orange Pi Zero, todo lo que pudo haber sido el Raspberry Pi Zero y no fue


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