Galaga, Namco 1981 (Bootleg) Arcade PCB Repair after Play Expo 2015

Sometimes things fail right when you don’t want them to! This Galaga Bootleg dropped at Play Expo. James investigates and fixes the problem.

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Ideas to Determine PCB Repair Service Provider


Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been about for long periods. With their pads and conductive tracks, they support a selection of electronic parts. At this moment, they are actually a well-liked alternative for every electronic devices manufacturer. In case your PCB board is destroyed, you can look for aid of an outstanding PCB repair service source within your town. This post walks you through rules to opt for recommendable services in your community.

Things to consider When Scouting For PCB Repair Services

While you’re trying to find a sound PCB repair service source close to you, there are several aspects to be contemplated.

Have a look at Reputation:

Search engines like yahoo brings results of PCB repair services in a particular area. This enables you to be aware of exactly where they are positioned and the types of services which are available from them. In terms of services, you need to be sure that a repair service provides full failure testing, component-level troubleshooting and diagnostics, and per-component replacing. You may take a look at review websites and forums that will give a good idea regarding the reliability of these services. Besides that, case studies and white papers on the webpage assist in knowing working proficiencies of makers.

Qualifications and Criteria

Electronic services are protected by industry-specific accreditations. One example is, IPC-7711 / 7721 standard is one particular qualification associated with rework and electronics repair. These certifications and standards are an assurance that the picked repair service source have the knowledge needed to do these services.

Supply Chain Partnerships

It is recommended to see whether the service provider employs high-quality parts or build and maintain powerful supply chain associations to source them from a trusty supplier. It is better to keep away from repair services that can not warrant quality replacements.


Assuming you have a PCB that is not functioning properly, it is easy to find a time-tested PCB repair service source by following the aforementioned approaches and get it fixed incredibly easily.

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