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Arcade PCB And Arcade Machine NO SOUND/ SOUND PROBLEMS Repair TIp

If you have an arcade machine that isn’t putting out any or clear sound or you have an arcade pcb or game that has partial sound, crackeling sound, only sound effects and no music or any other sound related problems, this tip might help you fix that problem. First things first, check, re-check, and tripple […]

Midway PCB Sound Board Test/Repair Tips

If you have a mk1, mk2, nba jam, or any other midway arcade pcb that wont play sound I recommend trying to find a slightly older ATX power supply that has the white -5v line on it and connect it up to your harness with just a regular 8oh speaker attached to the speaker – […]

Pcb PCBs milling engraving CNC SMD SMDs Platinen fräsen

Platinenherstellung: SMD Platine, PCBs zu fräsen ist kein Problem im Zusammenhang mit den richtigen Fräsern und unseren Tiefenregler, der auch für das Gravieren eingesetzt wird English: Some great links for you: Our english website: Home All available cnc machines: CNC Machines CNC Accessories: CNC Accessories Our best seller ( sold over 6500 times ww ): […]