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Orange Pi Zero review and discussion

I show an Orange Pi Zero and talk about the different applications for it. source The Orange Pi Zero Single Board PC ships for $6.99 The development board features a 4-core ARM central processor and also Wi-Fi. From $6.99, a emerging Raspberry Pi opponent known as Orange Pi Zero costs less than many snacks in […]

100 Seconds Dot: “Amazon Echo” Cloud AI on Raspberry Pi [Bangla]

In this part of the series of ‘100 Seconds Dot’, I will try discussing IoT, “Internet of Things” as we head to Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally. Cloud based “Amazon Echo” is just the tip of the iceberg. The thing will build on this platform. Here’s the demo on my Raspberry Pi with the help of […]

A.I. Raspberry Pi video camera and autonomous IoT communication

A short demo of how our artificially intelligent video camera built on a Raspberry Pi, can not only recognise a human face, but also identify a specific person and communicate autonomously with our IoT connected devices. source Facebook’s Caffe2 AI tools travel to iPhone, Android, and also Raspberry Pi Your mobile may soon be able […]

Wit.ai’s Office Automation Demo

Martin and Jen demonstrate Wit.ai’s office automation center built using a Raspberry Pi, Cherry (Wit’s open source automation hub) and the Wit API. The office automation center responds to voice and text commands to control devices like Hue light bulbs and a Spotify music player. Check out our blog post for more information: https://wit.ai/blog/2014/09/11/office-automation-with-raspberry-pi/ Cherry […]

GARDEN LIGHTS by remote control. ESP8266 01, Relay, and Blynk.

Internet-controlled garden lights from phone using Blynk, ESP8266 01, a relay and a 5v – 3.3v convertor. Total cost, less than $10. source Blynk Makes Creating Mobile Apps to Power Raspberry Pi or Arduino Projects a touch Less difficult Android/iOS: In the event that you would like to manipulate a Raspberry Pi or Arduino connected […]

ESP8266 Control From Anywhere

Hello Guys, this video(Tutorial-3) is all about controlling your on board LED’s using NODEMCU module from anywhere in the world. We will be using third party servers to control that. Please find in the links below for each and everything as described in the video. If you need the links for firmware download, ESPlorer software […]

The smallest Wifi smartphone controlled 4WD car using ESP8266, Blynk and Arduino Code part 1

Remote control car using component of the IoT (internet of things) ESP8266, Arduino code and Blynk mobile application. http://community.blynk.cc/t/the-smallest-wifi-smartphone-controlled-4wd-car-using-esp8266-blynk-and-arduino-code/12223 source Blynk Makes Developing Mobile Phone Applications to Power Raspberry Pi or Arduino Projects slightly Easier Android/iOS: If you would like to control a Raspberry Pi or Arduino connected device from your smartphone, you’d typically have […]

ESP8266 configuración Atom + Blynk

Pequeño vista de como funciona el ESP8266 programandolo dede el IDE Atom. Despues hacemos uso de la App Blynk para controlar remotamente un Led. Unloquer http://unloquer.org/ source Blynk Makes Developing Mobile Apps to Power Raspberry Pi or Arduino Projects a touch Quicker Android/iOS: In the event you wish to keep control of a Raspberry Pi […]

Home Appliance Control using Android Phone over Internet (ESP8266 + Blynk)

Internet controlled led,CFL bulb.Home appliance control using Android phone.Home Automation system.Everyone heard about Internet of Things(IOT).Now This is a Time for experiencing The power of IOT devices.This is just a simple example of IOT devices Applications.You can control your all home appliances using Android phone over the internet.This setup doesn’t cost You Much.And you don’t […]

IOT_2_KIT ESP8266 with Blynk | Nhóm Review | R&D NEW PRODUCTS

Welcome to “nhóm Review” ===================== IOT_2_KIT ESP8266 with Blynk ===================== Nếu bạn thích Video này ?.Hãy nhấn LIKE và SUBSCRIBE để tiếp tục nhận những Video mới hơn cũng như ủng hộ kênh và tác giả ! Xin cám ơn và trân trọng ! ===================== source Blynk Helps Make Composing Mobile Apps to Power Raspberry […]