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Fun Games – Biplane – PCB Repair

Repairing the PCB for my “Fun Games” Biplane arcade machine source How to Determine PCB Repair Service Provider Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been popular for some time. With their pads and conductive tracks, they support an array of electronic parts. As we speak, they are actually a common alternative for virtually every electronic […]

Official SEGA Dreamcast Arcade Stick HKT-7300 – Button and PCB repair

This time we open up the official SEGA Dramcast Arcade Stick which has a faulty button. It turns out that the problem actually is not the button itself but rather the PCB. Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and provide FEEDBACK in the comments! Also feel free to ask questions! source How to Determine PCB Repair […]

Arcade PCB And Arcade Machine NO SOUND/ SOUND PROBLEMS Repair TIp

If you have an arcade machine that isn’t putting out any or clear sound or you have an arcade pcb or game that has partial sound, crackeling sound, only sound effects and no music or any other sound related problems, this tip might help you fix that problem. First things first, check, re-check, and tripple […]

Midway PCB Sound Board Test/Repair Tips

If you have a mk1, mk2, nba jam, or any other midway arcade pcb that wont play sound I recommend trying to find a slightly older ATX power supply that has the white -5v line on it and connect it up to your harness with just a regular 8oh speaker attached to the speaker – […]

Quick Arcade PCB Repair Tip

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/retrorepair Here I just show you a few things to look for when you have issues with graphics on your arcade PCBs. Note, I use the MAME romset to LEGALLY burn replacment roms for games I OWN. -_^ source Strategies to Find PCB Repair Specialist Printed circuit boards or PCBs have […]

RetrOrangePi 3.0 Demo on Orange Pi One Board

More details @ http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/12/28/retrorangepi-3-0-retro-gaming-media-center-firmware-released-for-orange-pi-h3-boards-and-beelink-x2-tv-box/ source The Orange Pi Zero SBC costs $6.99 The development board contains a quad-core ARM central processor as well as Wi-Fi. At just $6.99, a new Raspberry Pi contender referred to as Orange Pi Zero costs less than some snacks in New York City. The Orange Pi Zero can be used […]

Cheap Retro Gaming with the $23 Orange Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a popular device for retro gaming. In this video we are looking at a cheaper alternative, it is the Orange Pi PC and I bought it for $23 in December. It came with a case and a power supply. Hardware is great, but without good software nothing happens. Lakka and RetrOrangePi […]