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Orange Pi starting problems.

Solving orange Pi PC 2 problems source The Orange Pi Zero Single Board PC costs $6.99 The development board features a quad-core ARM processor as well as Wi-Fi. At $6.99, a recent Raspberry Pi rival referred to as Orange Pi Zero entails lower cost than many sandwiches in NY City. The Orange Pi Zero enables […]

ILI9341 TFT 2.4″|Orange pi|Armbian|Full Tutorial

OS: https://goo.gl/MLcVJL TFT Used: https://goo.gl/OsLnn8 Computer: https://goo.gl/bdxBZz Helpful links_____________________________ http://orangepinout.xyz/ ____________________________________________ GNU Linux Terminal Commands Used: startx sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:1,dc:0,led:3 speed=48000000 fps=25 rotate=90 bgr=1 txbuflen=65536 sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf su root _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MOSI – 19, MISO – 21, SCK (SPI_CLK) – 23, CS – 24, RESET, DC and LED – 11, 13, 15. […]

Build – PC in a Mouse !

Hardware & software used is below. Hardware: Orange Pi Zero (I bought 2, at $8 each) https://www.zapals.com/orange-pi-zero-single-board-computer-512mb-development-board.html 8Gb micro SD card About $5 (too much spam on adverts when looking for prices, but Class 10 is recommended) Logitech optical mouse Spare broken junk 4.3″ car reversing monitor – $12.81 http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-3inch-TFT-LCD-Car-Monitor-Reverse-Rearview-Color-Camera-DVD-VCR-CCTV-V-/112334509890 Similar model, mine is several […]

getting started with orange pi PC (part 1)

orange pi pc What’s Orange Pi PC? The Orange Pi pc is a 20$ computer اصغر الحواسيب مفتوحة المصدر It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Rasberry Pi Image, and armbian linux here we are in first tutorial show how we can setup and start with that micro pc and possibilities […]

[HW: Review / Unboxing / Setup] – Orange PI one, review

TLDR; Unboxing, First look, installation of linux kali. – It seems LAN is not working :/ – And yeah, errors while setting cpu freq… ah well … i know, my sound sucks, i’ve bought new mic but i soundcar i’ve bought did not arrive yet 🙁 source The Orange Pi Zero Single Board computer costs […]

3-Axis CNC Machine ( PCB Router) Project

In this work, we present a miniaturized 3-axis milling machine and a dedicated CNC system for the machine. The 3-axis milling machine has a desktop size of 45 X 36 X 38 cm3 and is designed to produce high precision PCB’s A CNC system was developed for operation of the 3-axis desktop milling machine. The […]

DIY CNC PCB Drill Machine with DIY driver

A DIY CNC machine drilling a PCB, ran with a DIY CNC Driver/Hardware Interface. Connects to Parallel port with optocouplers, based on a PIC 16F870. Free Instructions, source code, PCB layout, & Eagle Files Kits may be available. Visit http://www.chromationsystems.com/index.html source Co-founder of Makerbot, Bre Pettis acquires milling machine company Other Machine Former CEO and […]

Western Digital 2.5″ Laptop USB PCB Data Recovery / Repair Issues (SATA Connector Modifications)

Western Digital WD5000BMVV 500GB Passport Drive Repair Western Digital 2060-771754-000 USB PCB Board Number: 2060-771754-000 Main Controller IC:8i9146-TFJ2 WD5000BMVV 500GB 1TB 2TB 640GB 118xz81 Western Digital HDD PCB Western Digital 2.5″ Laptop PCB Hard Disk Drive All PCB are used as data recovery/repair issues In most cases, you should exchange the BIOS/Main Controller IC before […]

Raspberry Pi Lego Robot – Computerphile

This Lego drone has a mind of its own (kind of) – Luke Geeson shows us a Lego Mindstorm car hacked together with a Raspberry Pi. AI Safety: https://youtu.be/IB1OvoCNnWY Brain Scanner: https://youtu.be/TQ0sL1ZGnQ4 CPU vs GPU: https://youtu.be/_cyVDoyI6NE $5 Computer – Raspberry Pi Zero: https://youtu.be/WR0ghM3U0M4 http://www.facebook.com/computerphile Tweets by computer_phile This video was filmed and edited by Sean […]

Orange Pi Zero as a Headless Webserver

A quick review of using the Orange Pi Zero computer as a headless webserver for hosting the videos of this vlog for the iTunes podcast feed. Read more: https://kaspars.net/blog/electronics/orange-pi-zero – Buy Orange Pi Zero on AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Orange-Pi-Zero-H2-Quad-Core-Open-source-512MB-development-board-beyond-Raspberry-Pi/1553371_32761500374.html Subscribe to my email newsletter: https://kaspars.net/subscribe Follow me: – My blog: http://kaspars.net – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kasparsd/ – Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kasparsdambis […]