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Mycroft 2018 – Our vision for Mycroft at three.

Mycroft is more than a stand alone device. It is an open platform that will allow developers to add natural language processing to anything. Here we show what Mycroft will be capable of in 2018. Mycroft will span all of your devices and provide seamless interaction on your desktop, mobile device, embedded speaker or automobile. […]

Raspberry Pi Lego Robot – Computerphile

This Lego drone has a mind of its own (kind of) – Luke Geeson shows us a Lego Mindstorm car hacked together with a Raspberry Pi. AI Safety: https://youtu.be/IB1OvoCNnWY Brain Scanner: https://youtu.be/TQ0sL1ZGnQ4 CPU vs GPU: https://youtu.be/_cyVDoyI6NE $5 Computer – Raspberry Pi Zero: https://youtu.be/WR0ghM3U0M4 http://www.facebook.com/computerphile Tweets by computer_phile This video was filmed and edited by Sean […]

Python AI v1 with raspberry pi

WEBSITE: http://www.rpiai.com SOURCE CODE: http://github.com/schollz/rpi_ai Sorry for the vertical window….I forgot about that when I was recording. Details: Everything written on Debian linux with Python and a little bit of bash (for recording) Music database: Youtube api Knowledge: WolframAlpha api, Wikipedia api Personality: Chatterbot api (CleverBot) Weather: Pywapi STT/TTS: Google api Recording initialization: Pyaudio checks […]

Make A Raspberry Pi Powered Facebook Chatbot – Part 3: Wit.ai

This project now has a hackaday.io link: https://hackaday.io/project/12261-raspberry-pi-facebook-chatbot If you haven’t heard already, Facebook recently announced their new Messenger based chatbot store at the F8 Facebook Developer conference in San Fransisco. Along with that, they also announced a platform called Wit.ai aimed at making it easy to give your bot natural language understanding. In this […]

Raspberry Pi 2 AI Test

Core based on python loop script , actions triggered from multiple BASH scripts . Databases are wikipedia ,wolfram etc, voice to text base on Google API.soon will put the code on my blog, here is the simple flowchart : http://www.sidmonitor.net/gallery/HAL_flowchart_ENG2.png check out : https://deltafabri.wordpress.com/ source Facebook’s Caffe2 AI tools reach out to iPhone, Android, and […]

Update for Woggle: The Raspberry Pi AI.

This is a quick update to do with the housing for my Raspeberry Pi chatbot. The prototype is made from balsa wood and a tin lid in proper Blue Peter style. You can download the code I used for Woggle here: https://therustyrocket.wordpress.com/portfolio/woggle/ Please remember it’s just a bit of fun. If you make your own […]

Create Your Own Virtual Assistant AI Using A Raspberry Pi and Jasper!

Today, I show you how you can create your own virtual assistant, similar to Google Now and Amazon Alexa, using a Raspberry Pi, and some cool open source software called Jasper! I go through the hardware needed, the software, installation of jasper, the configuration, and finally, a demo of the usage at the end. If […]

How to Give Your Smart Mirror Artificial Intelligence

In our last video, we showed you how to build a raspberry pi smart mirror: https://youtu.be/fkVBAcvbrjU In this video, we show you how to give that smart mirror a personal artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence has facial recognition, speech recognition, and can respond to a variety of commands. Those commands include: weather, holidays, greetings, compliments, […]

Make your Raspberry Pi artificially intelligent! – Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence. A hefty topic that has dominated the field since computers were first conceived. What if I told you that you could put an artificial intelligence service on your own $30 computer?! That’s right! In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own artificially intelligent personal assistant, using Amazon’s Alexa voice […]

Alexa AI on Raspberry Pi

Alexa is the Amazon Echo voice service, and here I install it for free on a Raspberry Pi. This adds voice computing to the Pi, allowing it to speak the answers to spoken questions, and potentially to control IoT devices. The setup follows Github instructions, and is inevitably somewhat involved. So if you just want […]