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Hard Drive PCB Repairs

Got a couple of hard drives in this week which had failed.. Turns out that mechanically the drives were ok, however the PCB’s were at fault in different ways. And in this video I will attempt the repairs. source Suggestions for Determine PCB Repair Service Provider Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been in existence […]

How to repair washing machine Remco pcb relay failure D-lab Electronics

Repair tip to keep your Washing machine control board working. Easy technique utilizing NTE relay sub. The format of this repair demo is also handy for working on other type boards. D-lab electronics is offering more teaching / how to videos on source How to Choose PCB Repair Service Provider Printed circuit boards or […]

Finding a shorted component.

Click here to see my website. Click here to find your TV repair part. Finding a shorted component on a power supply circuit board can be a real challenge if you don’t know how to disconnect various parts of the circuit to see if your power supply voltage comes back up. In this video […]

Williams Defender (1981) Arcade PCB Repair

Finally we’re back! Yes, its been a dry year for you guys for videos from us, all will be revealed soon – nothing bad, its all good, its just been really busy. James repairs an original Williams Defender arcade PCB with RAM, ROM and sound problems. Subscribe to the channel to be notified about more […]

Silver Conductive Pen – DIY PCB Trace Repair

Can two guys with little to no PCB repair experience fix the traces on the PCB for a mouse with nothing but this silver pen and a bit of electrical tape? Let’s find out! Ting link: Cooler Master link: Pricing & discussion: Support us: Join our community forum: Tweets by […]

PCB Trace Repair Method Using Epoxy | BEST, Inc.

PCB pad circuit repair using epoxy. Using multiple angles including overhead and from both right and left angles the BEST instructor staff demonstrates plainly how to repair a PCB pad using the epoxy method. This method is per IPC 7721 4.4.1. source Rules to Determine PCB Repair Service Agency Printed circuit boards or PCBs […]

PCB solder pad repair & corrosion clean up – The epoxy method

This is a demonstration of a PCB repair which involves repairing damaged surface mount solder pads as well as cleaning up corrosion from a leaking electrolytic capacitor. The pads had been damaged by the owner of the motherboard as a result of him trying to repair the board on his own. I hope that this […]