Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 13 312 675 Hearing Aids – 6 Batteries in Pack

Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 13 312 675 Hearing Aids – 6 Batteries in Pack

  • 3000-5999 Packs
    US $1.50
  • 6000-11999 Packs
    US $0.82
  • >=12000 Packs
    US $0.68
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Battery Type:
Zn/MnO2, Size 10 13 312 675
Nominal Voltage:
JingHao OEM logo available
Beige, light coffee, OEM
Hearing Aid Batteries
Sample is available
Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 13 312 675 Hearing Aids
1 year free of charge
small and nice color box with master carton outside

Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 13 312 675 Hearing Aids – 6 Batteries in Pack

Understanding Your Hearing Aid Battery
There are many factors that affect how long a hearing aid battery lasts.

As temperature is reduced, hearing aid battery voltage is lowered, which can reduce battery life.
2.Battery Size
As the physical size of the battery decreases the amount of space for the ingredients needed to power the battery also decreases. Therefore, the smaller batteries may have a shorter life.
3.Degree of Hearing Loss
Increased amplification is required with hearing loss severity; this results in reduced battery life.
4.Instrumental Differences
Features in today’s hearing aids such as wireless streaming and ear-to-ear communication-can reduce battery life 20-30% based on frequency of use
The surrounding noise and volume setting of your hearing aid can both prematurely drain the battery.
Batteries can dry out or take on moisture depending on the humidity level. Both outcomes reduce battery life.
Product Description


1.Long Lasting, Guaranteed
2.New Clear Sound Technology raises the benchmark of product innovation
3.Improved cell design provides consistent, quality performance through the whole life of the battery
4.Enhanced formula reduces annoying early low battery tones and limits static and unwanted noise
5.Product updates made to support full-feature hearing aids
6.Perforated package allows the dial to be removed for convenient transport
7.Environmentally friendly package made with recycled or recyclable materials
8.4-Year freshness guarantee in storage

Detailed Images


Our packaging features include:
1.Raised battery cell dials, make gripping and turning the dial effortless.
2.Plastic rear door that protects your batteries and securely holds them in place.
3.Longer tabs to make putting batteries in your device easy.
4.Perforated card allows you to tear off the bottom dial of batteries to make carrying spare batteries discrete and easy!

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Our Company

Strength: Jinghao accepts OEM and ODM, 7-15 working days for samples, at best. Most competitive price, fashionable design ,excelient quality
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Sample testing support.
* Technical guidance
* Maintenance service
Team: We have high quality products and professional sales and technical team.
Quality, Strength & Industrial influence: 10 years focus on health medical manufacturing
Price: Competitive Factory direct sale price


1.How many production line do you have? And how many workers?
6 production lines, around 200 workers.

2.Where is your biggest market? And where is your main market?
Biggest and main markets are in Europe and Asia. In this year, we will explore the American and North African markets.

3.I want 200pcs, and I want to print my own logo.
Yes, we can do that, but it comes with a cost. If the quantity could be rasied to 1000 pcs, we can do it in free.

4.What’s the MOQ?
1000 pcs per model for OEM order. No requirements on orders in Jinghao package or mutual package.

5.What’s your policy for the defective item?
Withine the warranty, you can send us the images or video of the defects, we have the professional QC team to confirm on them. Normally, the replacements will be sent along with your next order.

6.Do you have any certificate for hearing aid?
Yes, we do. We’ve got CE, FDA, FSC, ISO, SGS, RoHs, BSCI….. for our products and factory.

7.Which certificate do you have for European market?
For Europ, we have EMC , MEDICAL CE, RoHs…..

8.Do you have some fashion design model?
Yes, we do. We have models in water-drop design, like JH-351; in high level color – deep grey matte appearrance, JH-D03; Also, we have models in fashion colors.

9.Do you have some model which have T-coil?
Yes, please check on JH-233 and JH-D10.

10.I want some model can reduce the noise, and adjust the frequency.
Adjust frequency: 233, 238, 168, D03, D04, 351, D10, 301
Noise reduction: D10, 351D, 125

11.How many piece umbrella do you have for one item?
Normally, we would pack 3 ear plugs in different sizes in one package, but if our customers have special requirements on it, we’d happy to accomplish that.

12.Is your product suitable for the client who have 90% hearing loss?
For patients with 90% hearing loss, hearing aid with large sound gain would help. Such as 233, 238, D10. Consult the doctor first before using it would be better.

Packing & Delivery

Delivery Details : 7-10 days after receiving the 30% deposit
Shipping Details : DOOR TO DOOR, BY AIR, BY SEA etc.
Payment Details : Credit Card, Paypal, Local Bank, Western Union etc.


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