Smart Beacon Designer Minew Technologies

Established in the year 2007, Minew has been engaging in IoT (Internet of Things) industry for many years and keeping upgraded to match the market demand.

Thru offering smart products and IoT solutions, we serve to optimize shoppers’ lives, both work and businesses, boosting their productivity and comfort. This is achieved by connecting our devices to users’ smart terminals (often phones), in wireless network covered space, with Bluetooth function switched on and the devices connected to target objects. Thereby, people could posite, find, track, receive messages, check status and also keep control of target objects.

Our services and products can be used in an assortment of business senarios. Message pushing feature enables sellers to advertise and promote themselves promptly or to support customers in a considerably better way. Businesses could perhaps make use of our smart products and cloud platform to accomplish resource management and human resource management properly while with bare minimum costs. Any physical objects surrounding you similar to furnitures, house appliances and automobiles could be intelligentialized under our IoT solution projects. Don’t you think these are very wonderful? Can’t wait to have a go?

We’ve now served clients distributed in upwards of eighty countries around the world, with five million smart products bought right now. Among top 500 international corporations, you can find a variety of companies building collaboration with us. Our pursuit is “interneting every object”, and we predict the perspective “leading the world into IoT era” would be realized if we take the time to step forward. We are trying to deliver more comprehensive product and competitive service to you, don’t hesitate to get hold of us whenever.

Our Products or Service

iBeacon Hardware Design
IoT Gateway
Bluetooth Modules
Probe/sensor System

Get Hold of Us

Telephone Number: 0086 755 8886 8480
Manufacturing area Location: 6th Floor, H Building, Gangzhilong Science Park, Qinglong Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen China 518109
R&D Center: No.715, TaiBang Technology Building, Gaoxing South Road Four Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


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