PS Vita + Raspberry Pi + RC Servo + Ai-Ballの実験

PS VitaからRaspberry PiにつないだRCサーボを動かせるようにした。
PS VitaにはWi-FiカメラAi-Ballの画像を表示している。


Facebook’s Caffe2 AI tools travel to iPhone, Android, and also Raspberry Pi

Your cell phone may soon have the ability to figure out objects in images without the need for getting access to the cloud

New intelligence can be combined with phones for example, the apple iphone, Android gadgets, and low-power personal computers similar to Raspberry Pi with Facebook’s new open-source Caffe2 deep-learning framework.

Caffe2 allows you to program artificial intelligence features into smartphones and tablets, permitting them to recognize graphics, video, textual content, and speech and be more situationally aware.

It’s vital to remember that Caffe2 is not an AI program, but a tool enabling AI to be programmed into phones. It requires just a couple of lines of code to write learning models, which can then be bundled into mobile apps.

The release of Caffe2 is significant. It means users will be capable to get image recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision right on their mobile phone. That task is generally offloaded to remote servers in the cloud, with phones then connecting to it.

Mobile products are obtaining more artificial intelligence functions. More cell phones are being bundled with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, while Apple’s Siri has been a staple in the iPhone for many years. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 phones are due to get the Bixby voice assistant, that ought to make operating the handsets a lot easier.

Caffe2 can work within the power constraints of mobile products. It works with mobile hardware to facilitate AI apps and create neural networks.

Caffe2 takes advantage of the computing power of new mobile hardware to hasten deep-learning tasks. For instance, in phones, Caffe2 will utilize the computing power of Adreno GPUs and Hexagon DSPs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon cellular SoC.

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