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Centipede (Atari 1981) Arcade PCB Repair For Arcade Club

Up on the bench this time, A 1981 Atari Centipede Arcade PCB for Arcade Club. New videos coming Sundays & Wednesday so don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to be notified about more videos coming soon. Get in touch to hire arcade games for your event or party. Lets stay connected: Facebook: Twitter: […]

How to Give Your Smart Mirror Artificial Intelligence

In our last video, we showed you how to build a raspberry pi smart mirror: In this video, we show you how to give that smart mirror a personal artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence has facial recognition, speech recognition, and can respond to a variety of commands. Those commands include: weather, holidays, greetings, compliments, […]

Arcade DIY #7 Arkanoid PCB repair (incl blueprints)

Don’t forget to leave a comment and hit the like button, it helps more than you know nowadays with youtube’s visibility algorithm & policies . Arkanoid Blueprints : Support me on Patreon: BGO Tees : Social Media links: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : source Guidelines to Find PCB […]

Raspberry Pi Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Jarvis!

Buy #TechofMind Merch to Support the Channel: Raspberry Pi AI like Jarvis Twitter: Brought to you by Google Plus: Facebook:‎ Instagram: My Loot Crate Link: source Facebook’s Caffe2 AI tools choose iPhone, Android, and Raspberry Pi Your phone may soon be able to recognize objects in graphics with […]

Orange Pi Lite Desktop Install and Wifi Fix

Getting the Orange Pi Lite to work. Hope this helps some of you guys! source The Orange Pi Zero single-board computer costs $6.99 The developer board incorporates a quad-core ARM processor as well as Wi-Fi. At $6.99, a recent Raspberry Pi contender called Orange Pi Zero is cheaper than some snacks in NYC. The Orange […]

Make your Raspberry Pi artificially intelligent! – Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant Tutorial

Artificial Intelligence. A hefty topic that has dominated the field since computers were first conceived. What if I told you that you could put an artificial intelligence service on your own $30 computer?! That’s right! In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own artificially intelligent personal assistant, using Amazon’s Alexa voice […]

Orange Pi PC – RetrOrangePi ver. 2.5 + Emuladores de PSP / N64 / PS1 / Dreamcast / MAME / PORTs

✔ Inscreva-se → ✔ Canal OLD SCHOOL → ✔ Curta a fanpage → ✔ Acompanhe o BLOG → ✔ PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES → Demonstração da nova imagem RetrOrangePi – versão 2.5, baseada em Armbian 5.20 – Linux (by Stevie Whyte / Alerino Reis / Wang Matt), que foi lançada no dia […]

Seagate hard drive ST31000333AS PCB board 100530756 10053069 repair and data recovery hard drive repair and data recovery source Rules to Find PCB Repair Service Provider Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been about for decades. With their pads and conductive traces, they support all kinds of electronic elements. At this time, they are becoming a favorite alternative for virtually every electronic equipment maker. If your […]

Alexa AI on Raspberry Pi

Alexa is the Amazon Echo voice service, and here I install it for free on a Raspberry Pi. This adds voice computing to the Pi, allowing it to speak the answers to spoken questions, and potentially to control IoT devices. The setup follows Github instructions, and is inevitably somewhat involved. So if you just want […]