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Raspberry Pi Cluster Super Computer AI – Part 1 – The Build

In this video I show all the parts that will be using to create the Raspberry Pi Ai Cluster Super Computer like “Jarvis”. This is my latest Raspberry Pi Project and I hope you guys like it. Buy #TechofMind Merch to Support the Channel: Downloads GeauxRobot Raspberry Pi B+ Stackable Case: […]

1990 Atari Batman Arcade PCB Repair

Based off of the 1989 Batman movie staring Michael Keton and Jack Nicholson Here Ill show you a bit of some abuse this board has been through, what was done, and what is still in need of work. source Tips on how to Choose PCB Repair Service Provider Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been […]

Raspberry Pi Voice-Activated Assistant – “Jasper”

I thought I’d show you one of the Raspberry Pi projects I’ve tried. A voice-controlled assistant called ‘Jasper’. The limit of what he can do, is only, for the most-part, bound by your coding in Python. A fun project to try out. As it turns out, I use him on a daily-basis. This is not […]

Шустрый Android на Orange Pi PC!!!

Наконец то я решил проблему торможения апельсинки!!! Теперь Андроид летает! Ссылка на Zidoo и прочии ОС для оранджа: Видео про Kodi на OpenElec: Флешку заказывал тут: Сайт с 10% cashback – source The Orange Pi Zero single-board PC costs $6.99 The development board possesses a 4-core ARM CPU as well as […]

Create Your Own Virtual Assistant AI Using A Raspberry Pi and Jasper!

Today, I show you how you can create your own virtual assistant, similar to Google Now and Amazon Alexa, using a Raspberry Pi, and some cool open source software called Jasper! I go through the hardware needed, the software, installation of jasper, the configuration, and finally, a demo of the usage at the end. If […]

Orange Pi PC – RetrOrangePi ver. 3.0 + Emuladores de PSP / N64 / PS1 / Dreamcast / MAME / FBA

✔ Inscreva-se → ✔ Curta a fanpage → ✔ Acompanhe o BLOG → ✔ PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES → Demonstração da nova imagem RetrOrangePi – versão 3.0, baseada em Armbian 5.23 Jessie Desktop – Linux (by Stevie Whyte / Alerino Reis / Wang Matt), que foi lançada no dia 26 de dezembro de […]

Tech – Williams Joust PCB Repair #2 – CPU RESET

From start to finish, all the steps taken to repair another William’s Joust arcade PCB. DO ALL REWORK AT YOUR OWN RISK I am not a professional. This is a personal hobby, and I learn every day. **NOTE** All troubleshooting steps recorded, and this one was tricky. Please, take note of the annotations in the […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Jarvis! – 8 Pi Cluster Overview

In this video I give you an overview of my Raspberry Pi Cluster and explain how the Raspberry Pi 2 will help with this build. By creating the Raspberry pi 2 Cluster we can get one step closer to working on the “Jarvis” like AI programming. Buy #TechofMind Merch to Support the Channel: Downloads […]


Os traigo un mini pc, una placa del estilo a las ya famosas raspberry, para sacarle todo su jugo y poder usarlo como centro de entretenimiento multisistema, o como corazón para nuestra bartop o máquina arcade recreativa. La cantidad de sistemas que es capaz de emular es muy amplia. Os dejo links de compra en […]