This video is on the dry film pad repair technique per IPC 7721 standards. BEST professional instructors demonstrate the proper technique for the repair for PCB pads using the dry film.


Ideas to Choose PCB Repair Service Provider


Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been about for long periods. With their pads and conductive tracks, they support many different electronic elements. At this time, they have grown to be a well-liked selection for every electronic products producer. In the event your PCB board gets defective, you could seek out assistance of an outstanding PCB repair service supplier in your town. This informative article takes you through strategies to find sound services where you live.

Things to consider When Opting For PCB Repair Services

If you are looking for a highly regarded PCB repair service provider towards you, there are some elements to be looked at.

Check Recognition:

Search engines like yahoo will bring results of PCB repair services in a specific region. This enables you to know in which they are based and the sorts of services presented by them. In terms of services, you have to guarantee that a repair service delivers inclusive failure testing, component-level troubleshooting and diagnostics, and per-component renewal. You can actually seek advice from review sites and forums that will give a good idea about the credibility of such services. What’s more, case studies and white papers on the webpage help out with knowing working proficiencies of makers.

Accreditations and Criteria

Electronic services are protected by industry-specific certifications. For instance, IPC-7711 / 7721 standard is one particular certification relevant to rework and electronics repair. All these certificates and standards are a guarantee that the selected repair service provider have the knowledge required to conduct these types of services.

Supply Chain Associations

You have to see if the service source makes use of high-quality elements or keep strong supply chain partnerships to source them from a time-tested provider. It’s a good idea to stay clear of repair services that won’t confirm quality replacements.


When you’ve got a PCB which is not working correctly, you could find a trusted PCB repair service specialist by following the previously listed steps and get it repaired really easily.

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