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EZI Connect for Wio Link with Blynk

Knocked up an EZI way to connect your Wio Link, or any ESP8266, to the internet on your travels. Wio Link comes with a dedicated CONFIG button but it can be done with a button attached to other ESP’s. Initial sketch provided by krzysztof (@krzyspx) on the awesome Blynk Community site source Blynk Helps […]

Orange Pi PC (AliExpress) – Unboxing da Alternativa da Raspberry Pi + Primeiro boot no ANDROID

✔ Inscreva-se → ✔ Canal OLD SCHOOL → ✔ Curta a fanpage → ✔ Acompanhe o BLOG → ✔ PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES → Unboxing de uma mini placa Orange Pi PC comprada no AliExprees (Alternativa da Raspberry Pi) + Primeiro BOOT no ANDROID. Paguei US$ 15 e NÃO fui taxado. O […]

#19 Circuit board trace repair

Click show more for links to items used in this video. In this video we look at repairing circuit boards that has had the traces lifted and broken off the board. Then we show how to repair a trace that has been blown due to a short circuit. I lost the final step showing prep […]

Blynk nodemcu/ESP8266 Wifi Robot

Blynk app running on a ESP8266/nodeMCU robot chassis wifi source Blynk Makes Composing Mobile Apps to Power Arduino or Raspberry Pi Projects slightly Simpler Android/iOS: In case you would like to control a Raspberry Pi or Arduino connected device from your cell phone, you’d in most cases be required to know at a minimum some […]

PCB Eyelet Repair | BEST, Inc.

Teaching video on PCB through hole repair. BEST instructors teach the method for repair of a damaged eyelet using a multitude of different close up and angled views. Repair is completed per the IPC 7721 instructions. source Ideas to Choose PCB Repair Service Provider Printed circuit boards or PCBs have been about for some […]

UPDATED! Neo pixels ws2812 esp8266 nodemcu control on wifi using blynk

60 LEDs blink controlled on the wifi using nodemcu for the controller. All using virtual pins and neopixel Arduino ide library. Rainbow effect works but I can only get it to run, then you have to wait for it to finish to control the colors again. It disconnects Blynk while running rainbow cycle but it […]

Orange Pi Zero Setup

In this video I walk through the steps to setup an Orange Pi Zero. I assume that you can image an SD card, but otherwise discuss setting the initial password, updating, configuring wifi, and connecting video out. source The Orange Pi Zero Single Board computer costs $6.99 The developer board features a quad-core ARM processor […]

Konami/Stern 1982 Amidar Arcade PCB Repair

Another problem arcade board resurrected from the dead. As with a lot of them, a relatively simple fault, watch James badly explain the debugging process with some sarcastic comments. We’d like to thank our friends Muppz, Equites and Guddler from UKVaC for helping out in the on-line diagnosis and if you’re interested, read the discussion […]

WIoT: Weather / Forecast Station & Blynk IoT Notifier

WIoT is a weather forecast device, IoT notifyer and outside weather info display. Arduino-based with an ESP8266 processor at heart. Uses Blynk to bridge data and send notifications. Full write-up at source Blynk Makes Composing Mobile Phone Applications to Power Raspberry Pi or Arduino Projects slightly Simplier and easier Android/iOS: If you like to […]

Tech – Williams Joust PCB Repair #1 – 1-3-1 RAM Error

From start to finish, all the steps taken to repair a Joust PCB. The only thing missing would be the cleaning of the PCB with distilled white vinegar and a small washing. DO ALL REWORK AT YOUR OWN RISK I am not a professional. This is a personal hobby, and I learn every day. I […]