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Global and China Rigid PCB Industry Report, 2014-2015 highlights the followings:
• PCB industry
• PCB downstream market
• Horizontal comparison of PCB companies
• 35 typical PCB companies

2014 was a good year for majority of PCB companies, as output value of PCB industry touched USD59.6 billion, rising 3.7% against 2013, the fastest growth rate since 2011. Looking forward to 2015, a collapse in prices of commodities, especially in that of copper, will significantly reduce raw materials costs of PCB companies, thus further driving their profit margins.

In 2014, in key regions of PCB manufacturing, euro, NTD, and yen all depreciated sharply, while the won appreciated, dealing a heavy blow to South Korean PCB industry and cutting profit margins of the country’s PCB companies, which all suffered declines in revenue and profit margins, no exception for Samsung’s SEMCO, whose revenue from PCB business glided 2.4%, revenue from IC Carrier business dropped by 19%, and operating margin fell to below 1% from about 9%.

Taiwanese companies and European ones, benefiting from currency devaluation, saw a surge in profit margins, while Japanese peers didn’t gain from yen depreciation, as more than half of their production bases are located in foreign countries, but still performed better than South Korean counterparts.

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HDI was still a main engine of growth in rigid PCB field in 2014, and is expected to maintain the momentum in 2015. As mobile phone screens become larger, PCB for mobile phone has to react accordingly. To ensure light weight and thinness of mobile phone, the demand for more advanced Anylayer HDI increases tremendously. As Anylayer HDI technology is time- and -capacity consuming, combined with Panasonic’s withdrawal from Anylayer HDI field, various PCB companies will expand Anylayer HDI capacity in 2015. In 2014, the company registered largest growth in revenue from HDI PCB business was Taiwanese Compeq, which boasts customers like Apple and Xiaomi with impressive performance, jumping by 28.3% to USD690 million, one step away from industry leader Unimicron.

Another spotlight in 2014 was PCB for server. With further penetration of internet economy, the coming of big data era, and influx of large amounts of capital into network economy, the demand for server ushers in explosive growth. PCB for server requires high Tg and low Loss, with layer growing more higher, up to 28, driving continuous increase in unit price of PCB for server since 2009. The companies that specialize in PCB for server, such as Taiwanese WUS Printed Circuit and ACCL, accomplished good results, with WUS Printed Circuit’s revenue ascending by 20% and ACCL’s 27%.

Regarding rigid PCB, LED lighting stimulated demand for metal PCB with good heat elimination performance. Taiwanese T.P.T, GIA TZOONG, and mainland Chinese Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic, which are skilled in metal PCB, all enjoyed a decent level of growth. In addition, PCB for automobile also did a good performance.

The most sensational event in PCB industry in 2014 was the merger of TTM and Viasystems. The combined company is absolutely No. 1 manufacturer with total revenue approximating USD2.5 billion. TTM enjoys a strong position in cellular phone and networking/telecom, and Viasystems in automotive and industrial fields, showing a perfect complementation.


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PCBWING Tech Co., Limited (chiefly for prototype)

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JY Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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JY Group does include JY Electronic as well as BLD Electronic, target the PWB manufacturing and PWB assy production , design of electronic products and even mold shell . PCB manufacturing and PWB assy , both PWB prototyping as well as massive production are welcome , PWB products to a maximum of 24 layers . The majority of the PWB assy machines are made by Panasonic , we’re ready to accept PCB manufacturing and PCBA orders placed against customer’s needs. 100% E-test and functional testing for PWB and PCBA before they’re shipped to our consumers. We’ve obtained the many different management accreditations similar to UL , ISO , TS16949 , OHSAS and the like. PCBs and MOLD SHELL DESIGN based on your requirements, we provide personalized products and the mold shell design and parts sourcing service . we will purchase the high standard materials on the market. Top quality, timely deliveries are our promise. As a result of many years of knowledge in this particular line of business, we have business cooperation with a lot of fortune 500 enterprises which include BMW, GREE, NIDEC, SUMITOMO etcetera. We expect to have opportunity to work with you very quickly. For more particulars pay a visit to our web site :

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Sunshine Global PCB Group

Sunshine Global PCB Group Profile

Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits Tech Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 2001. With 350,000 sq ft production capability plus 1,500 team members, we manufacture multiple-layer rigid PCB Board, rigid / flex PCB Board, RF, metal back as well as other unique PCB Boards. Our products are extensively found in telecommunication, industrial controller, healthcare units, computer and add-ons , earth-friendly energy and a number of other science professions.

Guided by a team of industry gurus, Sunshine has grown considerably in the last 10 years. The company has come up from the last GFC to end up being the world wide key vendor of high mix high tech PCB Boards.

In the year 2011, Sunshine invests 150 , 000, 000 US dollars to build up a brand-new production line in Jiujiang , Jiangxi Province. Upon completion, Jiujiang Sunshine Circuits Technology will have in excess of 1,400,000 square ft. production region and 5,000 staff members with 280 , 000, 000 US dollars in once-a-year sales.

In the year 2013, Rinde PCB GmbH (Germany) began to be a part of the Sunshine Group. Now we are able to offer prototype PCB Board for the nearby Western market.

Our Aim

Sunshine’s goal is to cater to the Constant Growth of Global Electronic Market. We Deliver the Greatest Value to Our Clients with Outstanding Goods and services at Competitive Charge in a Manner In step with High Enviromentally friendly Criteria.

Level of quality

We obtain the top quality by applying the most innovative devices, processes, and quality specifications all through our team. Our facilities are ISO13485, ISO9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 and UL authorized.

Set of Quality Accreditations

Quality Management System



ISO/TS 16949:2009

Environmental Management System


We provide PCB Board with Leadless, RoHS Compliance, REACH Compliant, PFOS Compliant

UL Yellow Card File No.: E229342

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China Headquarters:

Building B Shangxing #2 Industrial District, Shajing Town
Bao’an , Shenzhen ,
Guangdong Province 518125,
Tel: +86-755-27243597
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USA Office:

Jimmy Fang
3400 Silverstone Drive, Suite 139, Plano,
TX 75023
Cellphone: 626-422-4296
Tel: 972-867-8886
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iFast PCB Introduction

iFastPCB is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) maker giving you a turnkey solution to all of the electronic assembly and low-volume orders. Our services include speedy PCB Prototyping, PCB mfg, combined with assembly. Being amongst the first rate Chinese PCB manufacturers, we endeavor to supply top of the line services to our consumers..

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