Cirexx Develops High-Heat flexible Circuits with HT Material

Cirexx International today in a commercial sense supplies a line of flexible circuit products which utilize the lately developed DuPont Pyralux high-temperature HT material. The HT material is made to operate at temperature ranges of as high as 225°C, getting the flexible circuit well suited for high-heat conditions like aerospace fire controls, downhole gas and oil discovery, and auto under-hood as well as medical autoclave applications.


Cirexx engineers have worked very closely with DuPont technical engineers in the development of the HT materials. Several trial runs of specifically made experiments were created to discover, understand and make use of the limits and abilities of this brand new material. Cirexx engineers associated the resulting data and added along numerous process techniques which all led to the manufacturing of a line of high-temperature flexible circuits. The material demands several specific special processing – lamination presses competent at reaching and holding temps of 600°C – and has to be distinctively engineered for stability for every application.

The Cirexx High-Heat Flexible Circuits come in all the typical constructions – single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered and rigid-flex and stand for the maximum temperature rating of any flexible circuit material system on the market. It enables the consumer to experience the conventional advantages of a flexible circuit – lightweight, smaller sized, point-to-point customer wiring and miniaturization – while living through a high temperature surroundings.


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